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The Ellpro PRO-POST. Kiln Dried Redwood Pine with 15yr warranty 
Now in its 13th year, the Ellpro Timber Pro-Post range of UC4 timber products has proven itself to be exceptionally reliable. We can put this success down to our thorough and uncompromising treatment process and the application of Arch's tried and tested formula. 
With the rising cost of raw materials, some producers will be tempted to look at how savings could be made in the treatment process to achieve cheaper prices. After all, if it has UC4 stamped on it, who's going to notice right? 
We are here as your trusted supplier for the long term. It is important to us that our customers have complete confidence in the product and in Ellpro Timber and that the stamp on the end of each post actually means something. So this is what we mean when we say "thorough and uncompromising". We will not be reducing the time that timber spends in the kilns. We will not be trying to cheapen treatment solution, or shorten treatment cycle times. What we will be doing, is ensuring the Ellpro Timber PRO-POST is as reliable in the future as it has ever been. Maintaining the trust we have built up in UC4 timber and the trust you have in us. 

Redwood Pine. The cell structure in pine allows for deeper treatment penetration. Naturally durable heartwood.  Accurate kiln drying times. Ensures correct moisture content without case hardening. This is caused when timber is dried too rapidly and actually prevents take up of treatment solution.  Tanalith wood protection. Proven preservative technology tried and tested over many years.  Carefully monitored pressure treatment. Full UC4 cycle maximises solution penetration.  Individually stamped. Identifies Ellpro as your supplier and the year of production with permanent heat brand.   

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