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Unique Patented Process with Multiple Treatment & Drying Cycles 

A New Way For UK Timber Fencing

The European ban on creosote treatment for use in fencing products is now in place. The compounds that make creosote so highly effective as a treatment are known to be hazardous and inevitably its future use in the UK is uncertain. DURA²® offers a unique alternative for high-end fencing applications. 
We are pleased to state that Ellpro Timber are official importers of products treated with the patented DURA²® process. 

Safer Than Traditional Creosote Treatment 

Unlike Creosote, there is no unpleasant odour and the treatment does not leach oils, making it cleaner to transport and store and far more agreeable to handle during installation. 
DURA² is a safe product for merchants, contractors and end users coming into contact with the product on a regular basis. 
Tanalith® E has BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) authorisation, passing all necessary environmental, human and animal health risk assessments. 

Patented Treatment Process.

DURA²® offers a unique solution for high-end fencing applications, whose quality has been proven since 2019 as it is based on the well-known Tanalith® E wood preservative system and Tanalith® colour system. The use of slow grown, redwood pine and an enhanced unique and patented process which requires multiple impregnations and drying cycles, means the DURA²® treatment process is confidently supplied with a 20-year warranty*  
*requires registration at time of installation.  

The Alternative to Creosote Treatment 

Dependable treatment with 20 year guarantee. 
Uses tried & trusted Tanalith E. 
Slow grown redwood pine. 
Unique treatment & drying process maximises effectiveness. 
No unpleasant odour. 
Doesn't leach oils. More agreeable to handle. 
Attractive chestnut brown appearance. 
Safe for equestrian and livestock use.  
BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) authorisation. 
Ecologically friendlier than creosote. 
Without the mess of creosote, DURA2 is suitable for public spaces. 

DURA² ® Customer Guarantee Registration Form 

To register your purchase and activate the DURA² ® 20 year guarantee, simply complete the form by following the link. 
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