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 Professional service 

At Ellpro Timber we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide. From dealing with your initial enquiry to delivering out your order, our focus is always ensuring customers are kept informed. We are always happy to answer any questions and provide all the information we can.  

Emphasis on quality 

The quality of the products we send out to our customers is always at the forefront of everything we do. Material arriving from the mills is quality checked before being passed as suitable for treatment. The treatment process itself, whether it's the carefully observed kilning times or the strict monitoring of the treatment cycles in the tanks is hugely important to the consistency of our product output. This is made easier for us by having complete control over the process thanks to our partners in Latvia. 
We believe it is necessary to build long term partnerships with our suppliers to ensure manufactured products such as our garden furniture and European panels are the best they can be. 

 Massive stock holding 

Ellpro Timber is a stock based wholesale importer. We have increased the quantity of stock we hold at our Wisbech Terminal year after year in order to meet increased demand from our customers. Additions to the warehouse faciltiy have enabled us to keep more manufactured products in stock without leaving them exposed to the elements. In order to meet seasonal demands, stock continues to roll in all year round. By having a massive stock holding of our full range of products, we enable our customers to choose the exact mix of packs they require on a single delivery.  

Multi-drop delivery 

In todays market, merchants require flexibility. Being able to order as few as 5 packs, choosing the precise mix of packs they require, and to have it delivered within days rather than weeks is a huge plus. 
Our network of merchants throughout the UK, our regular multi-drop deliveries and our willingness to help are what's needed to provide that just in time service. 

 Wide range of products 

Over the past 10 years our product line-up has increased to include well over 400 products. As well as additional sizes and variations of our core products, such as our natural peeled stakes, machine round’s and sawn fencing components, we have introduced completely new products including our living wall and premium painted range. We now offer a wider choice of quality products than ever before, all stored at a single location enabling our customer's to order exactly what they need on a single delivery. 
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