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With the future of creosote treatment uncertain in the UK. We have the solution. 
The European ban on creosote treatment for use in fencing products is now in place. The compounds that make creosote so highly effective as a treatment are known to be hazardous and inevitably its future use in the UK is uncertain. DURA²® offers a unique alternative for high-end fencing applications. 
Comparing the images above, it's virtually impossible to tell which is creosote and which is treated with the 20 year DURA2 alternative. Physically standing next to the packs is a different matter entirely. There is no mistaking the odour that comes with creosote. Take a look under the packs and you will see the oily mess created when the treatment leaches from the timber. 
Because they look so similar however, DURA2 products can be used to extend runs of fencing where creosote was used initially, or to make repairs using DURA2 to replace damaged creosote rails etc. 
The reason creosote treatment is used in the first place is down to its longevity. DURA2 comes with a 20 year warranty. The treatment process is extremely thorough and include kilning, treating, kilning AGAIN and then treating again using tried and tested solutions. So, with the durability associated with creo. but without the hamful elements, the decision to switch to DURA2 shouldn't be a difficult one. 
By the way, the stack of rails on the left is treated with DURA2 
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