Your reliable partner for quality timber products
Your reliable partner for quality timber products

UC4 Pro-Post Range

High performance fencing timbers with a 15 year warranty*

Through a combination  of selecting 100% Redwood for our ground contact timbers, careful kiln-drying to ensure an appropriate moisture content and the latest generation TANALITH preservative treatment Ellpro Timber can offer the trade its PRO-POST range of high performance treated timbers.

  • Our treatment procedures carry the TANALITH Treat-Right quality accolade.
  • The PRO-POST range comes with a 15 year performance warranty* against the premature failure from decay and insect attack.
  • All the raw material for our PRO-POST range is sourced from the forests of Europe. This includes slow-grown Redwoods, which are treated to Uce Class 4 ground contact standards (EN335-1) to  meet the requirements of BS8417 and give excellent long term performance even in the most challenging environments.
  • All PRO-POST ground contact timbers come with a branded identification stamp to give confidence to the consumer that the product is fully fit for purpose.

Quality treatment

This sample has been sawn in half to check the depth of treatment chemical. Timber will expand and contract in reaction to the ambient moisture level. This inevitably leads to splits naturally occuring in the post. The crucial factor in protecting for a long life is to ensure all the sapwood has absorbed the treatment. This way the post is protected even when the surface opens up with splits or shakes. 

By applying a copper spray reagent to the sample which reacts to the treatment chemical, the level of penetration is highlighted in blue.

What is 'TANALITH' preservative?

Ellpro Timber uses the latest generation TANALITH wood preservative in our high pressure treatment facilities to produce our range of high performance fencing timbers. TANALITH is a unique formulation product from Lonza Wood Protection with many years of tried, tested and proven performance in markets around the world. It provides an advanced long term protection against the threat of wood decay and insect attack, especially for ground contact timbers.

The latest generation TANALITH product we are now using also incorporates patented and award winning BARamine application technologies from Lonza Wood Protection. These BARamine technologies help further boost the already impressive performance of TANALITH to provide a more consistent and deeper penetration of the preservative into the wood.

Ellpro's commitment to YOU

Because of our use of the latest generation TANALITH and the quality of our treatment procedures, which have the Lonza Treat-Right accolade, Ellpro has real confidence in the products we send to market. Our 15 year performance warranty gives you real confidence in their long term performance. In the unlikely event that the timber should fail due to decay or insect attack within 15 years of purchase then Ellpro Timber will replace the failed timbers* providing they have been used and installed correctly and not mis-used.

Which Use Class to use

UC 1 Internal Dry. eg. upper floor joists
UC 2 Internal Risk of wetting. eg. tiling battens
UC 3.1 Outdoors Coated above ground. eg. decorated cladding
UC 3.2 Outdoors Uncoated above ground. eg. fence rails
UC 4 Outdoors direct  contact Direct contact with soil or freshwater. eg. fence posts

* full waranty details available on request

Our Pro-Post products are continually tested to ensure they meet the precise standards required to retain the Treat-Right accolade.

Spray application of reagent is used to identify treated sapwood



This analytical zone is broken up in preperation for the next stage.



The broken pieces are ground to a fine 'wood flour'.



After drying in the oven the finely ground flour is carefully weighed and measured.



The sample is now prepared for analaysis by X-ray Flourescence Spectrometry (XRF).



Finally the data is examined to ensure all samples meet the exacting standard.



Please take a moment to view our in depth PRO-POST video.

Arch guide to quality treatment
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