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Merchants stocking European style fence panels and trellis panels will know the last two years in particular, have been huge for this product. However, even before that, demand for this type of fencing has been growing year on year. 
European panels have become increasingly popular with UK consumers looking for a stylish but practical fencing option. This type of panel offers customers the solution because, with a variety of different designs available, they are able to choose a panel which best suits their property and individual taste. 
Recently, the demand for European panels has outpaced availability. Despite importing more packs than we ever have before, we know the market has been left wanting more and from the conversations we are having with our customers we know they are keen to ensure they will have enough panels in stock for 2022. 
The good news is that from this year going forward, our main supplier has committed to significantly higher volumes exclusively for Ellpro Timber. We have a long association with this particular manufacturer. They have always maintained their reputation for quality products by producing panels which look beautiful and are built to be durable. We are proud of our association, partly because having already been hugely successful in mainland Europe and Scandinavia, they were one of the first manufacturers to introduce a range of European panels into the UK. Everyone at Ellpro Timber, are extremely pleased to have secured the extra capacity. We know it will be a welcome development for our loyal customers as it almost doubles the quantity of containers, we bring into the Port of Wisbech. 
But that’s not all. Happily, through the work already undertaken over the last two years, we have also been able to bring extra supply of European panels to our customers from additional manufacturers, and these have already proved to be very popular. 
Developing relationships with new manufactures and mills takes time. It is important we establish they are able to meet our expectations of high quality and reliability. We need to ensure they have integrity when it comes to ethical values such as standards for their workforce and the sustainability of the product they are supplying. In the case of manufactured products in particular, it may take weeks of communication backwards and forwards with the factory to check every detail is correct. 
Having developed mutual trust and cooperation with these new producers, Ellpro Timber has confidently committed to substantially more orders. The suppliers are happy to allot a larger proportion of their production to Ellpro Timber because they have had the opportunity to get to know us and they understand we are here to support them for the long term. We are positive our customers will appreciate the real benefit of this development, not only in the coming months, but also well into the future. Importantly, when taking on these new lines, we were able to stipulate details which cover the subtle differences found on the most popular UK designs. That way, customers can buy the version they need to ensure they maintain continuity. 
Even this early in the year, we are already seeing strong demand for European style panels as customers prepare for Spring and the extra business it brings. We know that without stock being in place ready for the busiest time of the year, a huge sales opportunity for merchants will be missed. By continuing to ship containers over the traditionally quieter period we have built up stock, under-cover, ready for the season ahead. And we will have plenty more stock arriving when the season is in full flow. 
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